Fees for Services

The Memorial Society is currently operating under two different contract plans with our Cooperating Funeral Directors (CFDs), and this impacts the options available to our members as well as the prices that will be charged for services rendered.

Our “Preferred Provider” plan covers all five of the arrangement options described on the Funeral & Cremation Services page at our lowest prices. The Preferred Providers are:

  • Bridges Funeral Home (Athens)
  • Fischer Funeral Care & Cremation Service (Chamblee)
  • Georgia Cremation Centers (Acworth)
  • Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation (Acworth)
  • Hillside Memorial Chapel (Clarkesville)
  • Medford-Peden Funeral Home & Crematory (Marietta)

The other CFDs in our network have contracted to provide low pricing only for Memorial Society members who choose Direct Cremation or Direct Burial. Their pricing for these two plans will be slightly higher than the pricing from our Preferred Providers, as shown below. Any other arrangement selection would be at the CFD’s normal published pricing, which is most likely substantially higher than the Memorial Society pricing offered by the Preferred Providers.

Preferred Provider Other CFD
Arrangement Option Pricing Pricing
Direct Cremation $  995 $1095
Cremation with Memorial Service $1495    n/a
Direct Burial $1995 $2050
Burial with Graveside Service $2495    n/a
Complete Funeral $3995    n/a


To see a copy of the “old” (pre-2016) service contract, CLICK HERE.
To see a copy of the “new” (2016) service contract, under which our Preferred Providers operate, CLICK HERE.