The Memorial Society of Georgia is a non-profit, consumer-education organization dedicated to encouraging and assisting individuals in making advance preparations for their end-of-life needs. Our Mission is to help bring simplicity, dignity, and economy in funeral arrangements, ensuring that our members have access to low prices and crystal clear service selections.

Incorporated in 1973, the Society is democratically controlled by its members and directed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected annually by the membership. Through our affiliation with the Funeral Consumer Alliance (FCA), we have arrangements for the reciprocal exchange of services and transfer of membership to FCA affiliates in other states.


The Memorial Society of Georgia fulfills our mission by working with reputable individual funeral/cremation providers (“Cooperating Funeral Directors”) to create full descriptions of exactly what each service package includes for our members and to lock in low member rates.

For years our organization used a short, simple, generalized contract with all of our CFDs. Each CFD that chose to be included in our network signed that original contract. In 2016, however, the Memorial Society developed a new and more detailed contract that we believe does a better job of setting clear, specific expectations in how the CFDs interact with the Society and with our members. The new contract slightly lowered the fees that our members are charged for either of the original two service package (simple direct cremation or simple burial) and was expanded to offer three additional service package choices. All in all, we believe this new contract offers our members more clarity and choice, enhancing Memorial Society membership benefits.

Some of the CFDs in our network have converted to the terms of the new contract, whereas others opted to stay under the terms of the original contract. New CFDs who join the MSOG network will all do so under the terms of the new contract. The CFDs who are operating under the terms of our new contract are referred to as our “Preferred Providers.”

For full understanding about the agreements between the CFDs and the Memorial Society, you may check out the wording of both contracts (below).

Generalized (Original) Contract 

Detailed (New) Contract