The Memorial Society of Georgia is an affiliate of the Funeral Consumers Alliance, a national non-profit watchdog organization protecting the rights—and wallets—of grieving consumers.

Since its beginning in 1963, FCA has served as a source of information and advocacy, keeping tabs on the prices and practices of the funeral industry to help people plan funerals, cremations, burials, and other after-death arrangements that are meaningful and affordable. It works with nonprofit consumer education groups around the country to survey funeral prices, help families resolve complaints against mortuaries and cemeteries, and advocate for consumer interests before state and federal legislatures. It supports legal reforms to better protect the public against abusive practices and serves as a clearinghouse for consumer complaints of illegal or unethical treatment. It also provides educational materials and advice. Through FCA’s efforts, thousands of families better understand their legal rights and have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary funeral costs.

FCA’s affiliates, like the Memorial Society of Georgia, are nonsectarian, non-profit education organizations. They were first started in the late 1930s because of the increasing cost of funerals (largely due to the use of embalming and more elaborately manufactured caskets). There are now about 90 such affiliates across the U.S. (see a list at To learn more about the Funeral Consumers Alliance, visit their website at The FCA is not funded by any government agency nor does it have corporate or funeral industry sponsors. To send donations, go to or contact:

Funeral Consumers Alliance
33 Patchen Road
South Burlington, VT 05403