The Memorial Society of Georgia offers its members the opportunity to arrange for low-cost cremation or burial. We have formal commitments with reputable licensed Funeral Directors to provide cremation or burial services for a pre-determined maximum cost that is usually lower than the cost to the general public. Please see the Funeral and Cremation Services page for a detailed description of the plans offered as well as the Fees for Services page for details on pricing.

An individual joins the Memorial Society of Georgia through application and payment of a nominal ($35) lifetime membership fee. There are no annual dues. The membership fee includes dependent children under the age of 18.

Upon joining the Memorial Society of Georgia, the member submits a “Pre-Arrangement Form” to indicate his/her preferred end-of-life choices, including the type of arrangements (cremation or burial) and selection of a Funeral Director. We enroll the member with the selected Funeral Director so that the appropriate services can be promptly provided upon death. Payment for the services, at the Memorial Society pricing, is made directly to the Funeral Director at time of death by the next-of-kin.

In addition to facilitating pre-planning for the disposition of our members’ remains, the Memorial Society provides educational services, available to individuals or groups, that offer information about a broad range of topics related to end-of-life planning.