The Cooperating Funeral Directors (CFDs) in our network have contracted to provide simple direct cremation or immediate burial arrangements for Memorial Society members at fixed, reduced prices. An explanation of the plans is shown below along with pricing.

Both Memorial Society plans include the following STANDARD SERVICES:

  • Pick up of the deceased at any hour of the day or night within a 30-mile local service area* ;
  • Sheltering of remains/refrigeration for up to 72 hours;
  • An arrangements conference with survivors;
  • Completion and filing of death certificate and all permits required to comply with state and local regulations; and
  • Notification to the Social Security Administration of the death.


In addition to the standard services described above, Memorial Society members will receive the services described in one of the two plans below:

1. Direct Cremation

  • Cremation of remains;
  • “Alternative container” to hold the body during the cremation process; and
  • Box (plastic or cardboard) for the cremated remains to be picked up by next of kin.
  • Price: $995 – $1095

2. Immediate Burial

  • Basic cloth-covered wooden casket; and
  • Delivery of casketed remains between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to a cemetery within the local service area.*
  • Price: $1995 – $2050


*Transportation beyond a 30-mile radius of the funeral home will be subject to an additional charge of $3 per mile per vehicle, one way. Meals and lodging expense for funeral home personnel in connection with non-local transportation will be at cost.

Any services not specified above are NOT part of the Memorial Society package pricing but may be arranged with the Cooperating Funeral Director at that CFD’s pre-determined prices. Price list will be furnished by Funeral Director upon request. There will be a charge for extra Death Certificates, if requested. Burial options do not include a cemetery plot, opening and closing of the grave, or a headstone/marker. Most cemeteries require vaults, so if you choose burial, we recommend that your purchase your vault from your Funeral Director (prices vary).