There are many ways that you could support the Memorial Society of Georgia. Please consider lending us a hand in any of the following capacities:

  • Advisory Council. The MSOG’s newly formed Advisory Council will enable us to use members’ special skills or knowledge (e.g. marketing, education, legal, social work) to perform needed tasks for selected projects. Advisory Council members do not need to attend regular meetings or participate in unrelated activities.
  • Board of Directors. We need nominations for new Board members. In addition to four board meetings per year, we have on-going committee work and other activities. People who are interested in planning, development, and project execution would be great assets. We expect to be especially busy in 2016 as we make major changes to our business plan and we are particularly looking for people with business, legal, project management, and people skills.
  • Administrative Support. Can you help us work on building our CFD network? We will need someone to contact the CFDs to gather contract feedback from them. Help with this year’s (or even next year’s) Death Expo or other special events? Help us respond to telephone and email inquiries from members and from the general public?

If you would like to learn more about how to volunteer, please email