The Memorial Society of Georgia’s mission is to offer low prices and crystal clear service selections for our members. We do this by working with individual funeral and cremation providers to lock in the costs and to create full descriptions of services and products they will provide for our members.

Our organization has in the past had a short generalized contract with our services providers. Going forward, though, the Society is encouraging our funeral services providers to agree to a new and more detailed contract to set clear expectations. We believe this new contract offers our members more clarity about the choices available to them.

When you sign up as a new member (or, for current members, if you opt to work with a different provider) you will have an opportunity to review each funeral services provider’s offerings and price structure. You will see which contract each provider has agreed to.

Below are links to the two contracts. We encourage you to select a provider that agrees with contract you find best suited to your needs.

Generalized Contract (Old version)

Detailed Contract (New version)