Death Expo 2016

It’s coming!

Join us at the 2016 Death Expo on March 20, 2016 from 3-5pm, directly after the MSoG annual meeting. The theme of the expo this year is creating meaningful celebrations of life without breaking your budget.

Building on the success of last year’s Funeral Fun Fair, the Death Expo will feature an expanded array of death industry providers including funeral and cremation providers, cemeteries, musicians, a casket builder hard at work, a caterer, officiants, a florist, grief workers, an art therapy area and a home funeral guide.

The expo, which begins directly after this year’s annual MSoG meeting, will be held in the hall just outside the meeting room, making it easy to attend, mingle and learn about upcoming trends.

We’ll also feature stops where you can learn about new ways of body disposal (diamonds from ashes!) and opportunities for you to share your opinions with others.

We expect to have good turnout of both MSoG members and the public, so make plans to attend.

We’re looking for volunteers to help attendees navigate around the exhibitions and to help with interactive displays. If you would like to be a part of the show please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Prearrangement Form Divided

For the safety of our members, our prearrangement form has been divided into two parts.  Part 1 contains the member’s contact information and his instructions.  Part 2 contains death certificate information required by the funeral director.  When Part 1 is  filled out online, Part 2 is emailed to the member, who may fill it out and mail or email to the funeral director, take it by, or leave it for his executors to take by as needed.

This step was taken because Part 2 contains such information as social security numbers and other personal applicant information.  This information is not needed by the Society and we do not have facilities to keep it properly secure.