After eating just one bowl of rice and beans every day, they soon felt very weak.

That changed after their neighbor, Rosa Solares, taught them how to use corn (as it is cheapest), make tortillas and showed them how she uses lard. They were now eating more calories every day but there was still a question whether this food is giving them enough nutrition to be healthy.

I’m sure it is hard enough just to imagine, without having to experience to feed yourself and family with just 1$ per day. In today’s environment, when we have so much food choices, fabricated food, million versions of the same product and so much food waste, we still have so many places like Peña Blanca where people need to fight to survive with 1$ per day. This makes me feel really sad and useless. How did that happen? Luckier parts of the planet throw away food and choose carefully what to eat while at the same time, not so far away, people don’t have basic food to survive!?

Please watch the movie and make a difference, thanks :).

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